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Fischer M S, Tassey P. Here, we provide information on the early embryology of the African elephant, Loxodonta africana. Well-developed gap junctions in cardiac muscle are important for transmitting action potentials rapidly through the connected fibres. The blastomere with the grey crescent gives rise to a normal tadpole while the other blastomere gives rise to an abnormal embryo lacking dorsal structures. After a while they barely seem to notice the trains. Model Released Filter by Model Released category.

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Exam November 2014, Questions

The right testis RT and Wolffian duct are displaced caudally indicated by dotted outline to show the course of the renal vein rv and the renal artery ra supplying the metanephric kidney K and the ureter U. The future spermatic vein sv leads directly from the mesonephros and the developing testis not shown to the posterior vena cava. Received Dec 28; Accepted Mar Record your selection on the answer sheet by clearly marking the appropriate area: If elephants were secondary testiconda, whose testes had once been scrotal, the pampiniform plexus would probably have been retained, as it is in the seals and whales For example, it could have been used as a snorkel, as it is to this day when elephants swim in deep water

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respiratory organ of adult frog
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respiratory organ of adult frog
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